Immediately share blog posts to Facebook


Sharing to facebook is one sure step guaranteed to give you more blog traffic. But it is better done when it is automatic right? So Today, I will show you how to share your blog posts to Facebook Pages automatically after publishing them on your blog.

There are actually many ways you can do this but in this post, I will recommend you use TwitterFeed as it will allow you to share a blog post automatically to many Facebook pages you have rights to publish to. Continue reading “Immediately share blog posts to Facebook”


Start a wordpress blog easily

Starting a wordpress site isn’t a big task, but starting a great one is. For this reason, is here for you.

I created this site to give beginners a fast, foolproof guide to starting a blog, without having to learn HTML or waste your time reading long, boring tutorials.
I also wanted to help you avoid all the expensive mistakes that most people make.
P.S: This guide is 3,800 words long which means roughly 18 minutes of reading. So grab yourself a tea, coffee or juice (whichever you prefer) and start with STEP 1. If you get stuck, send me an emailand I’ll do my best to help you out.
…And once you’ve set up your blog, I’ve additional guides for getting more visitors to your blog as well as making it profitable. This should keep your start easy and painless.
Ready to create your blog today? Let’s get started… Continue reading “Start a wordpress blog easily”

How to prevent Google Adsense Ban

Adsense is very strict about Adsense TOS, and you have to take care of certain things to stop violating AdSense policies. We all know, getting Adsense approval is not that easy and we need to do many things to keep our AdSense account active.

Recently, I got an Email from Adsense team saying “Adsense serving has been disabled on one of my site” and I realize it’s the right time to update this post and make new AdSense publishers aware of Adsense policies and things to avoid, which may lead to account ban. Continue reading “How to prevent Google Adsense Ban”